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Michael Trucco podcast interview

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Michael Trucco podcast interview

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bitch please by kissingdaylight
The One Tree Hill has interviewed Michael

The interview was in the last week or two. He mentions being in Vancouver to shoot the scifi movie and it is a quick 3 week shoot. The interviewer is a BSG fan so they discuss both shows.

Highlights include:

He has gone a strong tangent about tv production leaving LA. He's sooo diplomatic...talking about how awesome the crews in Vancouver and NC are and how remote shoots are good for local economies but the SoCal economy is so bad and it sad that the home of Hollywood can't sustain productions.

The cast of OTH are "nice kids" with a great "work ethic".

The plan takes place between season 1 and two. They were recreating scenes from season 2 and will also include footage from the original episodes so we will get to see things like how Cavil got there or what happened between scene A and B...mentions shooting in the forest... We know the movie covers the first 200ish(?) days. Eddie gave the exact date count in one interview so I am guessing the focus for Sam's story will be the events before, during and right after Resistance/The Farm. He talked about rebuilding season 2 sets and even hiring some of the same background people.

The host brings up Dragon Con. Michael says he is breaking his "convention cherry" He mentions the one day events in LA he has has done. He said he never wanted to do a con where he was the main guest since he didn't want people to feel short changed since people want to see Eddie or James or Jamie...
and he thought fans would be disappointed "oh, it's Anders. Howe much did I pay for this?" Awwww.

He was asked about the fanbase and mentioned the comments on his message board after he was on SVU.

He is 6 months into his holding deal with NBC which has turned into a "holding pattern". Nothing came out of pilot season but he is still hopeful they will find something before it expires at the end of the year.

He doesn't feel like he has been typecast at all and while it would have been cool to be on a major hit show that was on magazine covers every week he liked being away from that in their "secret society".

He played an Irish NY steel worker in that ABC pilot.
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